Do You Need Travel Insurance for the Duration of your Vacation

Here are some of the main differences:

Health insurance
When traveling abroad, people assume that their health insurance will be valid for the entire trip. However, this may not be true, it may depend on the type of insurance you choose. A one-time travel insurance covers you for a specific trip, and a multi-trip policy covers you for multiple trips over a certain period of time. The conditions may apply to the number of trips and the maximum duration (of trips). In addition, national travel insurance policies do not always cover pre-existing conditions, while international travel insurance with medical insurance takes into account things like pregnancy-related emergencies and accidental death, injury, or funeral expenses.

Risk coverage
Domestic travel is not as risky as international travel. International travel insurance covers life-threatening conditions, including hijacking. Usually this does not apply to the national tourism policy simply because the frequency of such events within the country is quite small. One of the important differences between national and international travel insurance is that it covers injuries and damage caused as a result of terrorist acts.

Travel delays
International travel insurance often covers delays and cancellations of flights, as well as covers urgent hotel stays. As for domestic travel, this is not always the case – travelers often have to get confirmation of flight delays and cancellations before requesting a refund from their insurer. International travel is usually more expensive too, so it’s wise to get insurance that takes these emergencies into account.

Other emergencies
Another important difference arises due to the loss of important documents, such as a passport or other travel documents. International insurance policies cover this, but national travel insurance policies do not. This is due to the fact that when citizens travel to their country of origin, the replacement of lost documents is quite simple compared to the same as abroad. Evacuation to the country of origin is also covered by international travel insurance; this is obviously not applicable for domestic travel.

Why is insurance necessary even for domestic trips?
Travel insurance is designed to meet the specific needs of travelers in the event of unforeseen circumstances. It protects them from financial losses in the event of a medical emergency, death, loss of passport or luggage, and other similar situations. If you are traveling abroad, travel insurance becomes more or less necessary because in many countries travel insurance is mandatory. When traveling abroad, travelers necessarily purchase travel insurance, but in the case of domestic trips, most people do not buy travel insurance. However, for domestic travel, insurance is required in the same way as international travel insurance.

Every time you travel, your mind starts imagining happy experiences, but in fact sometimes things can get complicated and undesirable. Travel insurance covers not only you, but also your property. If something unpredictable happens during your trip, whether it’s a trip around the country or abroad, insurance can provide some comfort and facilitate the emergency management process. Let’s see why insurance is necessary even for domestic travel:

Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance
1. Loss of passport, baggage or documents,
This is probably the worst situation you can imagine while traveling. But if you have travel insurance, you have help at hand. If you lose your passport, your insurance will reimburse you for the cost of purchasing a duplicate or a new passport. In the absence of personal items, you will be compensated for the loss up to the approved amount; while if your luggage is delayed, you will be reimbursed for personal items that you may have to purchase during this time. This can be of great help when you are waiting for your luggage to arrive.

2. accident and illness in a foreign country
No one wants to get sick on vacation. But medical complications or serious injury to the body can occur at any time. That’s why travel insurance is important. He will make sure that you receive the necessary medical care in case of an emergency, whether it is taking you to the hospital or delivering your nearest family member by plane if you are a student. This also includes dental treatment, because it is understandable that when you are in a new place, it can be a little difficult to resist sweets. Your travel insurance will also cover other related expenses. You can also get non-cash hospitalization with the help of travel insurance. Our travel insurance also covers you in case of the covid-19 pandemic*

3. Cancellation or delay of the flight
This is a common problem these days. It could be the airline’s fault, a natural hazard, or a personal problem. In any case, you will be refunded or refunded a certain amount in accordance with the schedule of the policy. In case of illness at the eleventh hour of the day or sudden death in the family, this may affect your plans. Suppose you have to cancel your travel plans. What happens to the money you spent on booking flights and hotels? He is not lost. Your insurance will reimburse you for hotel accommodation and unused travel tickets. In case of flight delay, your travel policy will cover the additional costs. This may include, among other things, an unplanned night at the hotel and food.

4. Emergency Medical Evacuation
If for health reasons you need to be transported from the place of infection to the nearest hospital, you do not need to worry about the costs. If you have already been admitted to the hospital and you need to return to your country for additional medical care or to be with your loved ones, your travel insurance will also take care of this.

5. Fraudulent Transactions
Imagine that you lose your credit/debit card while on vacation and start receiving text messages that someone is using it. Scary, isn’t it? Not only are you losing your money, but you are also losing money in a place where it may not even be easy for you to find help. But with travel insurance, it wouldn’t be a problem. Your policy will refund you the lost money with stolen payment cards 12 hours before your first incident report.

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