Ensure your sister’s safety with health insurance in this bhai Duj

The bond between brother and sister is really special, and it remains that way no matter how old you are or how far away you live. And the Hindu festival Bhai Duj gives you the opportunity to show your love and care for each other. While the sisters pray for the health and well-being of their brothers, the brothers reciprocate by showering the sisters with special gifts. So, this bhai Duj, why not do something special for your sister and offer her something meaningful and thoughtful? Offer her health insurance!

Regardless of whether you buy a Mediclaim policy for a family or individuals, it can protect the policyholder from unforeseen expenses related to emergency medical care. So if you take out this insurance for your sister, it will help her get the best treatment if she needs it, without worrying about hospital bills. Health insurance also makes life easier for the whole family.

Why should you take out health insurance for your sister?

There are many reasons to get health insurance for your sister, such as:

The health care plan covers not only the costs of hospitalization, but also the bills before and after hospitalization.
Because some treatments require hospitalization for less than 24 hours, the Mediclaim policy for families and individuals covers day care.
The health insurance policy covers many of the policyholders’ expenses, such as home health care, psychiatric care, ambulance costs on the roads and organ donation costs.
Many insurance companies offer free medical examinations at the time of renewal of the policy.
In case of a medical emergency, your sister can receive cashless treatment at a good online hospital.
Benefits of a health insurance policy
The health care plan offers the following benefits for insured persons:

1. Covers medical expenses:
The health insurance policy covers the costs of hospitalization of insured persons, including bills before and after hospitalization. This helps to keep your savings safe and sound and avoid financial setbacks.

2. Cashless treatment:
In case of an emergency medical care requiring hospitalization, insured persons can easily receive cashless treatment at a hospital online. This saves them the hassle of applying for a refund.

3. Inpatient care at home:
Sometimes medical professionals offer hospitalization at home due to the lack of hospital wards. In addition, if it is not possible to transfer your sister to the hospital due to her health condition, the only option is hospitalization at home. In this case, the insurer will cover the costs of hospitalization at home.

4. Tax Benefits:
Insured persons can receive tax benefits of up to INR 25,000 on health insurance premiums.

5. Financial security:
Taking into account the ever-increasing costs of healthcare, medical insurance provides financial security for policyholders during emergency medical care.

6. Cover of diseases:
If there is a family history of serious illnesses, taking a runner for serious illnesses helps to cover the associated costs. When diagnosing a serious illness covered by a health insurance plan, the insurance company offers the policyholder a package of services.The policyholder can use this amount for treatment and other expenses.

Tips for buying a health insurance policy for your sister
, keep in mind the following before making a purchase:

1. Compare different health Plans:
Different insurance companies offer a range of health insurance policies for individuals, families and students.So you need to select a few of them and compare them to find the best health care plan for your sister.

2. Look for an affordable option:
When you accept a health plan, look for one with affordable premiums. In case the premium is very high, your sister or family may not want to maintain an active health plan for a long time.

3. Go on a diet that provides full coverage:
A health plan offering full coverage at affordable prices is the best option. Check for inclusions and exclusions in the policies and make sure that they bring significant health benefits to the insured.

4. Look for cashless benefits:
Take a health care plan that offers cashless benefits. In case of a medical emergency, your sister can choose cashless treatment at the nearest network hospital. This will save you and your family from applying for a refund.

5. Review the current status plan and check the portability of the options:
Before taking out health insurance for your sister, check her existing health insurance plan, if she already has one. If the premium for an existing policy is higher, you can switch to another health plan, which is easier in your pocket.

The bond between brother and sister is tender, loving and eternal. That’s why you can further strengthen him in this Bhai Dooj by offering him a good health insurance policy. The MEDICLAIM policy for a family or individuals covers the costs of medical care and provides peace of mind. Having a health plan also makes things easier during a medical emergency, as policyholders can choose the best treatment without worrying about exorbitant bills.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided for reference only. For more information, please read the wording of the policy and the prospectus before closing sales.

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