What are GPA and GMC in health insurance plans?

In order to maintain the maintenance of employees, organizations offer several advantages, including a privileged policy and medical insurance.
There are a number of insurance policies under which employers retain employees. Of these, the two most preferred policies are group health insurance (GMC) and Collective Accident Insurance (GPA).
These policies cover all costs incurred as a result of unusual incidents and circumstances that occurred in the workplace. Both of these policies provide employees with financial and medical assistance to protect them. Let’s understand what GPA health insurance and GMC health policy are.

What Is A Group Health Insurance Policy?

As noted above, the company provides its employees with a set of health insurance policies or, let’s say, a Mediclaim policy. All employees enjoy the same benefits of this policy.. One of the most important features of GMC’s health policy is that it allows employers to customize their choices according to the specific requirements of the organization. Also, because the risk is spread across multiple individuals, these policies have a much lower premium than individual Mediclaim policies.
Ideally, insurance companies analyze and calculate the premium for group health insurance based on a number of factors. This includes,

Demographic factors such as profession, age and income of participants

Total number of employees covered by Mediclaim

Additional purchases (if any)

Benefits of Group Health Insurance Policy

Workers are provided with good maternity insurance

The police cover all the costs of hospitalization

Offers reimbursement of child care costs

Several companies extend their health insurance to employee families, including their parents and dependent spouses

Cashless services in network hospitals

What is a group policy regarding personal accidents?

Simply put, Collective Personnel Accident insurance (GPA) is a collective health insurance that provides financial protection to employees from accidents resulting in disability, injury and sudden death.
When a certain employee has a fatal accident (regardless of whether he is on duty or not, or the accident occurred inside/outside the country), this GPA policy covers all financial costs associated with the hospitalization process. Given the brilliant coverage it offers, the GPA insurance policy is also called a 24-hour global accident insurance policy.

Advantages of the GPA insurance policy

Among the main advantages of GPA insurance are,

If an employee has an accident, the insured employee receives full compensation for the payment of medical expenses in accordance with the terms of the policy. However, the accident must be fatal, that is, lead to disability or dislocation / injury of any part of the body.

GPA medical insurance covers all the transportation costs of the deceased at the funeral, thereby ensuring the costs of the same expenses

It covers all ambulance expenses
[11: 52, 12.02.2022] Rahul Sharma: applications for accidental death or sudden death / incidents are being considered

By chance, if an insured employee is threatened with sudden death, GPA health insurance pays his dependents compensation for continuing their studies.


It is important to note that the terms of these two health policies may vary from insurer to insurer.

As an employee, it is your duty to know each of the police requirements in order to make the most of these brilliant medical covers.

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