What Is Mobile Insurance / What are Its Advantages

What is mobile insurance?
The concept of mobile insurance is new, and few smartphone owners know about it or do not want to buy it. Smartphone theft has become very common, which makes it even more important for owners to insure their devices. For premium smartphones, this protection is all the more important because they are very attractive targets for theft.

Over the past few years, the smartphone industry has undergone significant changes. Being a luxury item, smartphones have now become a necessity, helping us with almost everything we do. When they were introduced, smartphones offered very simple functions. However, the smartphones that are being deployed are equipped so that you can manage your entire personal and professional life on one device. In addition to the features they offer, smartphones have become a status lifter in terms of spending power and style.

Unlike in previous years, customers are now spending more than ever on smartphones, which can easily increase to a minimum. Like any other valuable item, a smartphone can also be stolen. In addition to theft, being an electronic gadget, there is a very high risk of damage or failure of the hardware or software of the smartphone, which can be caused by an accident, a fall, a water leak, a crack on the screen or many other reasons. Keeping all these things in mind, you should insure your smartphone to protect the device from any internal or external damage that may occur.

Advantages of mobile insurance:
Given the strong dependence of the current generation on their smartphones, mobile insurance can become your best friend. Some of the benefits offered by mobile insurance are listed below, which makes them essential these days.

You recently bought an expensive smartphone and want to protect it from theft or damage. A mobile insurance policy can help you with this.

A mobile insurance policy is a smart purchase if you have a history of your previous lost or broken phones.

Depending on which font you are wearing, you can get a replacement for a stolen or damaged smartphone (of the same model) without switching to a less advanced model.

Mobile insurance will be of great help to you if you are heavily dependent on your smartphone in your daily activities and need to be replaced immediately in case of damage.

Mobile insurance coverage
Mobile insurance policies protect your phone from various hazards and damages. Because smartphones are electronic devices, they can be prone to software failures that can often render the device useless. In addition to internal damage, external damage can also occur for various reasons. Below are some of the risks and disadvantages typically covered by mobile insurance policies.

.Damage to the internal components of the phone due to a water spill.
.Hardware problems, such as a bad touch screen, an incorrect headphone jack, or a problem with the charging port.
.damage caused by fire.
.Damage caused by riots, strikes, terrorist activities.
.Damage caused by malicious intent.
.Cracks on the screen.
.Loss of equipment due to theft, home burglary, burglary.
.Loss of equipment from a safely enclosed vehicle or building.
.Damage to internal or external components of the device.

Exceptions to mobile insurance:
Below are some of the common exceptions under mobile insurance policies. Unacceptable coverage:

.If the phone has mysteriously disappeared.
.If the phone is stolen from an abandoned building or car. Theft of mobile phones in abandoned cars.
.If damage has occurred or the phone has been lost during the period when it was used by a party other than the owner of the phone.
.In case of mechanical or electronic failure of the phone.
.If the device is overloaded or used in unusual circumstances.
.If the damage occurred due to regular wear of the device.
.If the damage occurs due to changes in climatic/atmospheric conditions.
.If the damage is caused by a deliberate or malicious act committed by the owner of the insured equipment.
.Any defects or damages that may have occurred during the repair or cleaning of the device.

List of companies providing mobile insurance
AppsDaily-AppsDaily provides anti-theft protection for mobile phones through its app. The app also supports 14 other features, including cloud analytics, Call management, battery optimizer, and more.

OneAssist-OneAssist is a universal platform that provides insurance protection for everyday items such as mobile phones and tablets, wallets, laptops and household appliances. The company provides non-cash repair services using 100% original spare parts. Other benefits of insurance with OneAssist are free home delivery and drop-off services.

SyncNScan-SyncNScan provides insurance coverage to protect your mobile device from theft and loss. The system automatically creates backups of data and restores them if necessary. Other functions of the application are tracking and deleting virus/spam messages, as well as localization/blocking of a lost phone.

OnsightGo-OnsightGo makes it easy and hassle-free to protect your electronic devices. The company’s flagship protects your equipment even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Mobile insurance plan coverage also covers physical or liquid damage.

Times Global Insurance-Insurance solutions provided by the company include coverage in case of liquid damage, screen damage, device theft, malfunctions, display/camera problems, accidental damage or breakdown. There is no need for detailed documentation to purchase insurance. No claim bonuses are provided to customers who do not file any claims during the year.

Mobile Insurance Application Process
The process of filing a claim within the framework of mobile insurance is simple and without problems. To file a claim, you must provide the insurer with the purchase/invoice number of your smartphone, as well as its serial number. In addition, you must file a FIR (court report) within 24 hours after the theft or loss of the missing phone. You can file a claim together with the claim information documents and FIR within 48 hours.

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